iFire’s prototype technology delivers high-performance at low-cost for the flat panel display, signage and specialty viewing applications.

TDEL technology combines considerable performance advantages with a thin and light package that results in lower manufacturing costs.

Since embarking on this research project in 1991, iFire now holds numerous patents and patent applications worldwide related to its proprietary TDEL technology, processes and materials.

iFire’s proprietary combination of screen-printed thick film processing and thin film phosphors should provide numerous competitive advantages in a variety of applications. Functional prototypes have been created so far, including specialty light sources, small graphic displays, segmented displays, 17-inch standard definition monitors, and 34-inch HD TV monitors.

So far, development has focused on establishing and refining the manufacturing process and overall performance characteristics. This has been an international endeavor bringing together talent and expertise from companies and academic institutions worldwide. Up until March 2008, iFire had been collaborating under technology development agreements with Sanyo Electric Company, Ltd. (since 2002) and Dai Nippon Printing Company Ltd. (since 2003). Both joint development agreements focused on the advancement of iFire’s TDEL technology.